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The prevention of computer viruses is vital, as internet infections are the prime cause of computer problems and downtime.

Our protection range covers single user packages upto corporate editions of antivirus for sites with more than 5 PCs and a Windows server.
This managed style of installation allows the server to control the antivirus protection of the entire network. Updates are downloaded automatically when needed, and licence renewal is then done just once a year for the entire network. This central management allows easy and fast configuration changes to be made resulting in lower total cost of ownership.
We can also provide licence renewals for Symantec installations that we have not deployed ourselves. Simply provide us with your existing agreement number and business address, and we can take care of the rest.

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Spyware is fast becoming the biggest threat to PC users worldwide, as websites you visit can transparently install software onto your PC. It can monitor your activities, log the keys you type - in the hope to steal bank account details, and throw pop-ups to disrupt your web browsing.

Whatever the symptom, spyware is a big problem and almost 90% of all web-connected PCs will have infections. We have solutions to keep spyware at bay, ranging from stand alone software applications to full corporate packages that integrate with Antivirus to form your internet defence.

Onsite scanning and removal of spyware is available, where we will scan your PCs, perform removal and advise on how best to prevent any future problems.

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Spam & Web Content Filtering
Many business hours are lost each day through spam mail and non-business related web access. This can easily be addressed to ensure productivity is kept to a maximum.

There are numerous methods for spam control and internet filtering, and the solution you choose must be precisely matched to your current method of email and internet access. Therefore before providing a solution, we will technically inspect your network to ensure success.

We can scale our solutions to your business size and budget, as we have various tools available from single PC, to entire network solutions.

Once installed, it is easy to impose policy restrictions onto which type of websites your employees can access. With restrictions in place, you can be sure that staff are utilising the internet for business use only.

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Protecting your business network from internet intruders is essential. Therefore a firewall must be professionally installed if it is to provide the required level of protection.

Our custom solutions ensure security for any size of network, from a single PC to an entire office. We can advise on integration of NAT, SPI routers or even a dedicated firewall appliance to push the connectivity boundary away from your network.

There are numerous firewalls on the market, and we can develop a custom solution that works perfectly with your network.

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Backup / Disaster Recovery
With IT so heavily involved in the running of the business, ensuring a watertight backup strategy is crucial, and unfortunately many companies overlook this until data is lost. A backup policy that covers all shared files, folders and email needs to be in place with offsite copies of all business data to cover flood, fire or theft.

Data backup can be achieved in many ways, and by looking at the amount of data you hold we can design a solution. This can range from a single USB backup stick to a fully scheduled digital tape drive offering much more storage capacity.

Partnerships with professional data recovery companies also allows us to rescue data from failed hard disks. We have been able to retrieve entire folders, specific files, Exchange Email, diaries and Public folders from failed hard disks where no backup was in place.

Is your data protected ? Act now.

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Risk Assessment
Our risk assessment service allows us to look at your systems and networks for potential problems. Inspection of your antivirus, firewall, system health and backup policies amongst others, allows us to spot possible problems before they arise.

This is an invaluable service to many businesses as by preventing problems rather than dealing with them on a reaction basis, our clients can save money by keeping downtime to a minimum.

Upon technical inspection of your systems, you will receive a full documented report indicating what exactly has been tested, our findings, and recommendations to stop potential problems or issues.

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