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Remote Networking

The ability to gain access to your network whilst away from the office brings significant advantages. Whether your sales staff need to check live stock levels or pricing whilst with a client, or if you need to send a business email when at home, the benefits are clearly seen.

Providing the user has internet connectivity, they can access your business network from anywhere in the world. Working remotely is now achievable at affordable prices.

Multiple Site links
The developments in remote access now mean that we can link the networks together at different sites or offices.

All users can access the same files, emails, diaries, and applications, no matter which building they are located in. All users can then access the same live data, rather than having two copies that need to be merged on a regular basis. This is obviously vital when accessing data that often fluctuates, such as stock levels or pricing.

With all users sharing common data, productivity can increase significantly.

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Remote Technical Support
A rapid response to IT support is critical for any business. Therefore when deploying servers or networks, we always aim to include remote support facilities.

This gives us secure access to your network remotely, allowing us instantly solve many problems without needing to visit your site. This is a significant advantage to us when needing to solve problems that require network downtime, as we can work with your servers remotely whilst your offices are closed.

This immediate support option is an invaluable tool to our support teams and is a distinct advantage to our business support policy.

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Virtual Private Network
A VPN installation allow us to connect computers together securely over the internet. This can be two standalone PCs or two office site networks.

The built in VPN encryption ensures that data is always secured whilst it travels over the web, which allows sensitive data to be communicated, such as customer information or bank transaction details.

Our strong partnership with networking companies mean that we have both the experience and backup to deploy VPN solutions that can be depended on.

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Remote Desktop
Remote desktop allows external users to access the company network server to run applications remotely. With the server processing all information, the users PC can be of very low specification. Even thin-client and handheld PDAs can be used to run company applications and email.

Data communicated between over RDP is not always encrypted, which makes it easier for external users to read. Therefore many RDP users also utilise VPN links to ensure a fast yet secure remote link.

We can easily RDP enable an existing Windows 2000/2003 server if already in place, or deploy a new solution if required.

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