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Success Stories - Case Study 
Vehicle Transportation Company - Leicester

As a rapidly expanding company, the existing systems used would simply not accommodate the large amount of work in the daily time space available. The client approached us, asking for a bespoke application that would allow a quick entry of bookings and automated messaging to the drivers situated anywhere in the UK. Furthermore the application should also be able to integrate into their existing sage Line 50 software in order to reduce double entry time.

Services Provided
The solution was accomplished via the following route;

Custom software
A bespoke application was developed to allow all office staff to quickly input new transportation orders. Staff could immediately view which drivers were available in the pickup area, and could utilise drivers in the most efficient method.
Postcode lookup software meant that the staff only needed to take a postcode and number, rather than the entire address.

Automated email
All drivers were equipped with Blackberry mobile phones to give then access to email whilst out on the road. The bespoke software would automatically send an email to the designated driver to inform them of their next job.

Sage Line50 integration
Once the job was completed, office staff can now simply click one button and the job is posted into Sage as an invoice. No further intervention is required by the office users.

New PC workstations
Three new PC workstations were custom built and deployed to the network. Internet and email were configured prior to handover, ensuring the busy staff could complete their roles from day one.

Online Backup and Security provision
The high pressure office meant that data backup was often overlooked. An internet based data backup service was commissioned to copy all network data to a secure remote server via the internet each night. No user intervention is required at all, and no backup tapes to change.

Following our installation, the business owners and staff saw immediate results.

The entire booking process took less than a minute, compared to three minutes or more on the previous systems.

Immediate client response
Staff are now able to give clients immediate answers on driver availability and booking times. This has resulted in substantial improvements in the quotation to order ratio.

Reduced costs
Immediate access to information has resulted in little need to make call backs to customers, as all the information can be passed on the very first phone call. Furthermore, with all drivers now receiving their jobs via email, the outgoing phone call charges have plummeted.

Increased accuracy
With zero human intervention required after the order has been taken, the level of accuracy has significantly improved. Drivers now have a permanent written record of their next job. This has totally removed disastrous miscommunication from head office to driver.

This once hectic client office has now been totally transformed. Costs have been reduced and productivity has soared. In addition, the customer enquiries that were previously being missed are now being taken and converted into sales.

The M.D of the company has now cancelled immediate plans to employee extra staff to deal with the booking procedures, due to the effectiveness of our bespoke application. He therefore believes the system has recovered its costs with almost immediate effect.

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