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Success Stories - Case Study 
Coach Company - Leicester

Having decided to expand the business, our client realised their existing paper based systems would no longer suffice. They asked us to design and implement a bespoke software application to replace their existing administration practices.

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We accomplished this goal with the following procedures;

Bespoke Application
Using Visual FoxPro, the application was designed to simply computerise their existing forms and processes. Using one centralised application, the client could have immediate access to a Quotation system, Coach booking system, and MOT service database.

Network installation
During the expansion, our client was also purchasing a telephone system for the building. As the clients telecom supplier needed to install wiring to host the new telephones a Category 5 structured cabling network was chosen. This allowed both computers and telephone equipment on the same cabling. By liasing with the client and telecom supplier, we ensured the one network would suffice for both needs.

Server installation
A server PC was required to host the bespoke application and to provide a central storage area for office documents and coach photos. This also allowed the coach software to be accessed from any networked PC in the company.

Workstation PC installations
Six custom built PCs were delivered, unpacked and technically configured prior to customer handover. With minimal office disruption, the systems were ready for use as soon as the staff completed their training on the new application.

Email and Internet access
Each user was given access to shared broadband internet, and their email configured for delivery direct to their desktop PC. Business class routers were chosen for this duty to ensure reliable internet connectivity.

On-Site Maintenance
An onsite support package was designed around the clients needs, and included both server and all client PCs. This enabled us to give fixed price support and guaranteed support response times.

Once the installation was complete, the client saw many benefits to their business.

Minimal re-training
Because the bespoke software was simply a computerised version of existing forms, the staff already knew how to operate the system. Simple training on how to access the application and where to find the appropriate forms was all that was needed. No costly training on “off the shelf” packages was required.

Faster quote turnaround
Quote requests were previously taken manually and dealt with by managers when presented. The new application allowed quotes to be entered directly on the system and quoted in almost realtime. Keeping the customer wait to an absolute minimum meant more quotations being transferred to orders.

Internal communications
With the introduction of office email, it allowed the staff to communicate electronically. Messages could be passed instantly, and e-paper trails were available to ensure any customer queries were completed.

The entire quote to order process was now much faster, allowing both staff and management to devote more time to generating more business. On this basis, the client estimated they were able to recover the initial investment within 12 months.
The company quickly adapted to the new system, which was essential to the ongoing expansion, and are in regular contact to further the software development by adding new features to the bespoke application.

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