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Success Stories - Case Study 
Printing Company - Leicester

When first contacted by this client, a site survey discovered an existing Sales order and Job management system was in use, but it was based on 15 year old equipment.

This resulted in the core business systems being very slow, inflexible, and expensive to maintain. Furthermore their Sales Order Processing (SOP) and accounts were running on two totally different systems. All jobs had to be entered twice. Once when running the SOP job management, and again when the job was invoiced.

They required a new Windows based SOP system that would integrate automatically with their accounts software.

Service Provided
Application development;
We developed a bespoke software application using Visual FoxPro to include Job quotation, Sales order Processing, Production Control, and Accounts Integration.

Network installation;
A Category 5 network was installed throughout the company to allow the new software application to be used and shared from any office. Structured cabling also allowed for simple PC/office moves without any reconfiguration.

Server and PC workstations;
A Windows server was installed onto the network to host the software application. This also provides a secure and central location to store any files that need to be accessible from any PC in the company.
Eight new custom built PCs were assembled to run the new software systems.

On-Site Maintenance
We designed a cover package to support all the new PCs at the clients premises within a guaranteed response time. This gives piece of mind, together with fixed price support costs.

Critical Business Server support
With the server at the very heart of the new system, a more immediate solution was required for any unexpected server problems. Our CBS cover took care of this, again giving simple piece of mind.

Backup and Security provision
A tape drive and a scheduled automatic backup strategy were devised. This allowed the client to constantly have off site copies of all company data. This ensured a disaster recovery option was available in the event of fire or theft.

Benefits Achieved
After installation was completed and used for daily work, the client quickly saw many advantages.

The new Windows based system was measured at over 70% faster than the older system. With little time spent waiting, efficiency was greatly improved from day one.

Eliminated double entry
With the automated SOP/Invoice link, costly labour for double entry of data into the accounts system was immediately removed.

With a bespoke written application, a more flexible system was available. Everything was easily altered, from screen design, process flow, or end user reports.

Lower support costs
With brand new, industry standard PCs in use, support costs were a fraction of the legacy system support costs.

Simply due to the labour time saving, our client was able to recover the initial investment within 6 months of use. The company was able to use the extra labour time to increase sales and production, and saw long term cost savings on the support of their IT capital.

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